Private pre-travel COVID testing

The current Healthscope process for private pre-travel COVID testing is as follows:

For testing to take place the patient must provide consent as results will be sent through to the national result repository as this is a notifiable disease.
The provided consent form must be completed by the patient prior to testing and sent into the lab alongside the swab.

The cost for COVID-19 PCR is $120.00 excl GST per person. This will be invoiced through to your practice at the end of the relevant month. Please therefore arrange for the patient to pay your practice directly for testing.

Turnaround time
The expected turn-around time for the COVID-19 results will be within 2 days of the sample reaching the testing laboratory. Results will be sent back to the medical practice as per the standard process.

For any questions relating to billing or the process for this testing please contact us at