Teamwork helps South punch above its weight against country’s first COVID-19 onslaught

The country’s southernmost region has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19 to date. Fiona Cassie finds out about the partnership between general practices, the PHO and DHB that got them through.. Read the full article on NZ Doctor (subscription) >>

From nostril swab to COVID test result: The unseen work of our laboratories

Reporter Fiona Cassie wanted to know what happens to the thousands of nasal swabs that are sent away for analysis each day. The Southern Community Laboratories experts who answered her questions are clinical microbiologist Arlo Upton, molecular pathology department head Jenny Grant and clinical microbiologist James Ussher Read the full article on NZ Doctor (subscription) […]

Testing capacity augmented

Dunedin’s Covid-19 testing capacity has been strengthened by adding an Australian testing system.A team that included staff from the University of Otago microbiology and immunology department and Southern Community Laboratories (SCL), earlier this year rapidly adapted a German test, which detected the first confirmed Dunedin Covid-19 cases in mid-March. Read the full article on Otago […]

Otago academics develop virus test tech

Dunedin scientists have swiftly adapted overseas technology to help develop a powerful coronavirus test which this week detected the city’s first two confirmed Covid-19 cases.Prof Miguel Quinones-Mateu, of the University of Otago microbiology and immunology department, said the test had been adapted and developed over the past six weeks, and now delivered results in three […]

Gestational diabetes screening

View the latest updates for Gestational diabetes screening >>

The Analyser Pathology News – November 2019

Welcome to the last edition of The Analyser for 2019, hard to believe we are at this end of the year already. It has been a year of change for Southern Community Laboratories in Nelson-Marlborough and OtagoSouthland. 2019 started with a new 2DHB contract to bed in and the retirement of long serving General Manager […]

The Analyser Pathology News – July 2019

To paraphrase Jane Austin, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that the demand for healthcare will always exceed the supply. In other words, we cannot currently, and perhaps never will, be able to afford all the healthcare we want. Most healthcare in developed nations is paid for by an insurance model in one way or […]

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Criteria

Following submissions from specialist areas, and taking into account ESR testing policies at North Island DHBs, we have reviewed our criteria for ESR testing. The ESR has significant limitations in terms of measurement accuracy. Clinical dependence on its result in isolation is not endorsed by the laboratory. The ESR should not be used to screen […]